Tango Snack mit Marko & Maja #1 – Der Trick für einen geschmeidigen Tango Walk

This is a premiere – a tango snack with the international top tango maestros Marko & Maja!

We met these two fantastic dancers and teachers 3 years ago and knew immediately that there was a special connection between us. Our relationship has matured until we have decided to start a joint project – our „Joint Venture“ Online Tango Academy, of course, on our Social Dancing Academy website.

The Tango Academy is almost finished and in this video you get a little insight into the many treasures that are included in the comprehensive Online Tango Academy. 😉

Accordingly, a lot more Tango snacks will come on this channel in the future! 😉

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1000+ Tanzlektionen in deiner Hosentasche?

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