Wir erzählen über unseren Tanz- und Familienalltag – Social Dancing VLOG #25

We tell about our everyday dance and family life – Social Dancing VLOG # 25

This is a vlog of a different kind than we are used to. Many of our dancers ask us how we are with our little Finn and how we can accommodate our packed dance routine with him.
In this mini vlog straight from our winter vacation, we also talk a little out of the box and show some nice moments with our little cute dwarf.

Disclaimer: in this personal contribution you will probably not learn anything about the know-how and technology in social dancing. In all other articles on this website, yes. 😉


I am a 40 year old joker! I celebrate life. My best tool for this is dance. I love people, music and movement. Social dance connects all three. That’s why I celebrate social dance. Just because… 🙂

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